Chengdu Food Tours

Chengdu Food Tours

Sichuan is located in the southeast of China, and is always linked with spicy food and pandas. Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, is a city of classic food and leisure. Not only the sightseeing and pandas, but also the classic food and their living way all attract tourists from all over the world.Ending the tour to the holy land- Tibet, it is convenient to travel to Chengdu from Tibet.  After greeting your tour guide at a central location, your Chengdu food tours begin! You can have the chance to taste various kinds of Chengdu snacks and markets. And while you are enjoying tasting food, your tour guide will tell you the development of Chengdu, and its strategic importance in China’s history. When night falls, many local shoppers will gather into a market where you can eat with them and learn about ingredients, food sources as well as the first-hand material how locals live. If you join with us, the welcome dinner will be held in a local family where you can make new gourmet friends and drink beer or local spirits with them. As a local Tibet travel agency, we also provide tours to Chengdu.

Eat as a local

Guokui is known as one of the most classic local food. It can be treated as breakfast with a cup of soya-bean milk or a kind of snack in the afternoon. Guokui can nearly be seen at every street in Chengdu. Spiced meat and veggies are stuffed in fresh baked pita-like bread and then put it in the oven to crisp after being deep fried. And having a visit to a local market can have the first-hand materials about what ingredients are put into the Sichuan cuisine.

Discover exotic flavors

Have a try to rabbit heads which is slathered many kinds of spice. The locals are crazy for them. Try local beer and some local spirits.

Try authentic Sichuan cuisine

Noodles and dumplings are famous snacks in Chengdu. Eating hot chili oil wontons and Chengdu’s famous sweetwater noodles with the famed Sichuan peppercorns are the unforgettable journey to get your mouth buzzing.

Share a meal

A family dinner is prepared for you. You can choose to have a classic Chinese dinner or a hot pot dinner with many kinds of dished both.

Tour includes:

Unlimited local beer and spirits;

Try exotic local specialties;

Market visit;

4-6 kinds of snacks and welcome dinner

Tour details

Price: 400 RMB per person

Time: Everyday

Start Time: 4:30 pm

Meeting place: Centrally-located, Wenshu Temple Metro Exit K

Transport: Walking

Food: The dinner is supplied with over ten dishes including a family-style or hot pot dinner, unlimited local beer or spirits. A bilingual guide and some local travel tips are provided

Distance: 2 kilometers (1.2 miles)

Dietary restrictions

Vegetarians are also welcomed and will find many kinds of food to eat. We will prepare for your food goals.

Vegans will have a limited selection, but we can make some changes along the way for their interests.

Seafood/ Shellfish allergies have no problems. But in case of cross-contamination, you can bring your epi pen or other meds in your tour.

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