Chengdu Leshan Giant Buddha Tour

Chengdu Leshan Giant Buddha Tour

Leshan is a city 137 kilometers south of Chengdu, where stands the Leshan Giant Buddha. For a day trip from Chengdu, the Leshan Giant Buddha is a must-see destination.

The Leshan Giant Buddha was built more than 1300 years ago, during the Tang Dynasty. The marvelous Buddha statue is a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site. You can walk along the ancient red sand cliff road and admire this magnificent joss.

It’s famous as the biggest carved stone Buddha in the world, and the tallest pre-modern statue in the world. With a height of 71 meters, it has 8.3-meter-long fingers, 9-meter-wide insteps, and 24-meter-wide shoulders. One hundred people can be held on its instep and its shoulder is big enough for a basketball game. As a solemn and huge Buddha statue, it’s featured in poetry, song, and story. The massive Buddha statue is carved in a cliff on Lingyun Mountain, so people always say “The mountain is a Buddha and the Buddha is a mountain”. The construction started in 713 AD by a monk to suppress the flood and lasted for 90 years. The massive stone Buddha sits at the confluence of three rivers, Min River, Qingyi River, and Dadu River, and faces Mount Emei, another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

During your visit, you’ll admire beautiful stone carving and elegant Buddhist sculptures. In Lingyun Temple, you can explore delicate murals. Then, you can walk down from the massive stone Buddha’s head to its feet through the narrow staircases, and have a view of elegant temples and carvings. You can also take a cruise around the Buddha on the river to enjoy the panorama of this masterpiece.

Before leaving Leshan, you’ll have a chance to explore the less-traveled path to visit a fishing village and 2000-year-old grottoes with your guide.

Besides, don’t miss the local food, they are unique and delicious.

If your schedule permits, you can have another in Mount Emei, a gorgeous mountain famous for Buddhism and beautiful landscapes.

Thanks to convenient transport, it’s easy to travel from Chengdu to Leshan. You can take a bus to Leshan from Chengdu’s Xinnanmen Station, it departs about every 20 minutes. The journey takes about 2 hours, and you can take a local bus towards Leshan Giant Buddha once arrive. If you book a tour of our agency, we’ll arrange a comfortable vehicle for you and you don’t need to transfer.

Of course, you can also get to Leshan by train. Travel by bullet train is much more convenient and faster, the journey only takes you about 50 minutes and the tickets vary from 54CNY/8.7USD to 64CNY/10.3USD. You can get on a train at Chengdu East Station or Chengdu South Station, and arrive in Leshan Station. Buses are available in the train station, it will transmit you directly to the Leshan Giant Buddha. We can also arrange the suitable tickets for you to meet your schedule.

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