Chengdu Panda Tour

Chengdu Panda Tour

What appears in your mind when you heard the city, Chengdu? You may think about cute giant panda and delicious Sichuan cuisine. Besides, the traditional face changing in Sichuan Opera and the yummy hot pot will also impress you. Chengdu is the major gate to enter Tibet, and it’s a part of Southern Silk Road. Although Chengdu is a modern city nowadays, you can experience Chinese traditional cultures here because it’s home to Su civilization, an important part of Three Kingdoms in Chinese history.

I know you where will be your first destination, of course, travelers all around the world want to pay a visit to adorable giant pandas. Although Chengdu is not the only hometown of giant pandas, Sichuan has rich natural resources houses most of the wild giant pandas in China. So far, there are 5 giant panda bases, which are all located in Sichuan, and 4 of them are welcoming your visit.

To realize your panda dream, we arranged tour packages for international travelers and you can pay a visit to Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda to have a close encounter with giant pandas. Watching their round face, black-circle eyes, fat body, and unique fur. Observing their clumsy movements and lovely behaviors, you have to keep your eyes on them as if under a spell. If you want to have a volunteer tour, you can only choose Dujiangyan Giant Panda Base, but there are also many limits.

Your dream panda tour in Chengdu will be accompanied by a professional panda keeper, and you can explore baby and adult panda areas. You’ll learn more about their behavior, mating habits, and their physiology. You can see giant pandas in different ages to learn about the progression from a baby panda to a full grown panda. You will visit baby panda area, young adult panda area, and adult panda area. Newborns are delicate and are placed in infant panda area, they are small and waiting for admirers. In adolescent panda area, you’ll learn about their important maturity period from the age of one to five. Adult pandas are always eating bamboo, sleeping, and playing, don’t forget to take pictures of them, every single shot may become a masterpiece. You’ll admit that they’re adorable for a lifetime. There’s also a visit to the red panda area, you’ll see these different but also adorable small animals. To offer pandas a calm and peaceful environment, panda holding is not available in some conditions or seasons. But if you are lucky enough, you can hold a panda and take pictures with them. This majestic and endangered mammal will make your journey unforgettable. After your Chengdu tour, you may dream about them for times.

In our tour packages, you can not only explore giant panda bases in Chengdu but also have further experience in this lively city. What’s more, it’s convenient to extend your journey to the mysterious destination, Tibet, from Chengdu. Contact us, our travel consultant will help you arrange your itinerary, permits, and schedule, we will offer you the best tour in your lifetime.

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