Chengdu Tourist Attractions

Chengdu Tourist Attractions

It is said that Chengdu is the city where “travelers never want to go home” because it has a comfortable lifestyle and interesting attractions. Houses modern skyscrapers as well as traditional buildings, it’s a lively city which is rapidly developing with its age-old history. If you want to have a tour in China, never miss Chengdu. I’ll introduce you some tourist attractions which are really worth a visit.

Giant Panda Breeding Research Base of Chengdu

Chengdu is famous for pandas, travelers all over the world want to have a visit of these adorable creatures. Known as “living fossil”, pandas are rare as well as cute. Sichuan is home to the giant panda, and the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base of Chengdu is the best place to have a close encounter with them. It’s 10 kilometers north to Chengdu and houses more than 90 pandas, from infant pandas to adult pandas. You can walk in bamboos and enjoy them playing and eating in the half-open yard. If you donate money to the administration, you can even hold a panda and take pictures with it!

Mount Qingcheng

“Qingcheng” means “Green City” in Chinese, because this mountain is covered by green trees as if it’s a city. Mount Qingcheng is famous for Taoism in China, and it has many historical sites as well as cultural sites. As the cradle of Taoist religion, there are over 20 temples and religious sites in Sichuan architecture styles. It’s a tranquil place with fresh air, and you can free yourself from the noisy city.

Dujiangyan Irrigation System

Built by the Kingdom Qin in 256 BC during the Warring States Period, Dujiangyan project located in the Min River and is one of the world’s cultural heritage. It’s the oldest irrigation system in the world which is still benefiting more than 40 neighboring counties with over 5,300 square kilometers of land in the region. The system scientifically designed to control the water flow and it’s a wonder in Chinese irrigation works.

Kuanzhai Ancient Street

Also known as “Wide and Narrow Alley”, Kuanzhai Ancient Street is a complex of three alleys from Qing Dynasty. You can explore ancient buildings, local life in Chengdu, Sichuan handicrafts and delicious Sichuan traditional snacks there.

Jinli Pedestrian Street

Famous as “The First Street of Shu Kingdom”, Jinli Pedestrian Street is filled with Sichuan snacks. Wandering in this street, you’ll have a feeling that you’re stepping back into the past.

Wuhou Shrine

Wuhou Shrine, or Wuhou Temple, it’s a temple in honor of Zhuge Liang. Zhuge Liang was a famous strategist served the Shu Han empire from 221-263AD. It was built in 302AD and rebuilt in 1672. In the central hall, you can see a gilded statue of Zhuge Liang with his son and grandson. A large number of ancient stone tablets with poems and writings can also be admired in this shrine.
Jinsha Site Museum

Jinsha Relics Museum is about 5 kilometers west of Chengdu, and it one of the highlights of your tour. It’s built on the original location of Jinsha Site which was found in 2001. In this museum, you can enjoy countless relics of gold, jade, bronze, stone, and ivory, which can be traced back to about 3000 years ago during the ancient Shu Kingdom.

Du Fu Cottage

Du Fu is one of the most outstanding Chinese poets in China, and Du Fu Cottage is a museum in memory of him. This complex covers 24 acres and replicated the house which Du Fu lived in during 759-763AD. During this period, he wrote more than 250 best-known poems. More than a museum, the complex is also a park with gardens, pavilions, bridges, and pathways. You can enjoy Du Fu’s life story and works in the Gong Bu Memorial Hall, and pay a visit to the reconstructed hall of this great poet.

Qingyang Palace

Qingyang Palace, also known as “Green Tam Temple”, is a Taoist temple. Located in the busy center of Chengdu, Qingyang Palace is unexpectedly tranquil and peaceful, which gives expression to the Taoism in China.

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