The attractions and things to do in Chengdu and Tibet

The attractions and things to do in Chengdu and Tibet

Tibet and Chengdu are two destinations that provide a profound experience both spiritually and scenically. The beautiful landscape, deep cultural essence, and historical background will leave your soul reeling after Chengdu Tibet tour experience.

Traditional historical sites and the Buddhist culture

While on the Chengdu Tibet tour, you are bound to come across the rich history and culture in Chengdu. Chengdu is among the oldest towns in China and packs a deep historical background, which will surely fascinate any tourist. Tibet, on the other hand, boasts of a locally grown culture of the Tibetan Buddhism. Learning of this aspect in these two destinations will make for an eccentric experience in your tour.

View the rare Giant Panda species

In Chengdu, you can view the giant panda, which is among the world’s endangered species. A visit to the Chengdu Research Base for Giant Panda breeding will allow you to behold the cuteness of the giant panda species.

What are the highlights of amazing landscapes?

The Tibetan landscape is among the last pure lands left on the planet, and it gives rise to many a legendary story of the Tibetan culture. The mountains are snow-capped, and the vast plateaus will take anyone’s’ breath away. Tibet also boasts of a number of holy lakes and among the highest mountains in the world.

What does Chengdu have to offer?

The Chengdu history dates back to ancient China, and over time it has collected the historical richness of the country. As cultures mingle and flourish to provide you with an entirely fascinating essence. Leisure and luxury are what you find in Chengdu and these you can partake with a side dish of sightseeing. Below are among the most fascinating places to visit in Chengdu.

The giant Panda Base

The Chengdu research base for giant Panda breeding is one dedicated to keeping the endangered species thriving. This center harbors more than 70 red pandas and about 120 giant pandas. This is probably the first place you should visit while touring Chengdu. It is situated 18 kilometers north of the city, and so you can easily visit the base and meet with the Giant Panda.

The Wenshu Temple

This one is a relic of the Tang dynasty and provides you with Buddhism culture, which is so rich in this part of the world. The Wenshu Temple is a dedication to the Wenshu Buddha or the Bodhisattva of wisdom. This temple is at its fullest on the weekends though this still does not take away the feeling of tranquility and solitude. You can quench your spiritual thirst in the Wenshu Temple and perhaps partake of the Buddha wisdom.

Wuhou monetary and the ancient street of Jinli

The Wuhou Monastery dates back to the 1800 century and as the best-preserved relics of the Three Kingdoms Period. This monetary composes of various great halls like the Hui Tomb (Emperor Lui Bei’s tomb) and the Zhuge Liang temple among others. The Jinli Ancient Street is positioned to the left of Wuhou Monastery, and thus you can also visit it later. This street has various eccentric architectural sights and cultural activities. You can go for a local art show, souvenir in one of the stall or enjoy the local snack while in the Jinli Ancient Street.

The Jinshan Site Museum

This is among the most shocking archeological findings of the twenty-first century. The Jinshan site was discovered back in the year 2001 and dated back to 3000 years. The Jinshan Site is now a museum with more than six thousand relics and art from the ancient Shu Kingdom. Jinshan site Museum satisfies your love for history and ancient culture and relics from the past in their original archeological site.

These and more are among the top four places to visit while visiting the city of Chengdu. There are more sites and places to visit in the city where you could quench your need for adventure.

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